Website Add-Ons



A logo is what transforms your business into a brand. Having a premium logo design, gives your brand instant recognition. If you’re looking for stunning creative premium logo, this website addon is perfect for you.

We have some of the very best graphic designers in the industry. Our Adobe certified graphic designers will give your business a premium bespoke logo design that is full of creativity and innovation.


Initial Design


one-off fee


bespoke design

Unlimited revisions

Tailored to your

Full Hi-Res files and formats provided of final logo


Every page on your website needs to make a statement, be completely unique, and free of grammatical errors. Most businesses don’t have a dedicated copywriter, which is why we offer content writing at just £85 per page.

For your £85 you can get an entire page of engaging content specifically written to your targeted audience. The content is also written in a SEO friendly way, to ensure your website’s content is optimised for Google Search. We do this by including keyword relevant to your business that Google will pick up on and promote.



per Page



Tailored to
your business

SEO incorporated
as standard


If you don’t have access to copyright-free images for your website, we recommend you purchase our photo pack for £99. The pack comes with UNLIMITED royalty free stock images, you can use for your website without the fear of breaching the copyright law.

You can choose the type of image you want displayed on your website dependant on your business. For example, if you’re a carpentry company you might want a hi-res image of someone fitting a kitchen.

UNLIMITED royalty free
images for your website


one-off payment

High-Resolution images
from Adobe Stock

You have input on the
types of images you want

Protects you from
breaking the copyright law

Your website will look sleek
and professional


We will set up a dedicated photo gallery for you for just £45.You can include any images you want and upload new ones once the system is in place.

This gallery might be for images of a certain event your company has held, images of previous work you’ve done, or maybe even pictures of staff members, it’s completely up to you. Photo galleries are endlessly customisable and you can even change their purpose any time you want.


per gallery


A great way to
showcase your work

Social Media
And Set Up

We can set up and brand your social media pages to include your corporate colours, logos and branding. Social Media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn are a great way to promote your business.

If you already have social media channels, we can redesign them to match your website or corporate branding.


per social media channel
setup - New Channel setup
from scratch


per social media channel
branded - Match your website / corporate colours


Social Media Bundle - We
will setup and brand up to 3
social media channels for you


If you’re too busy to post on your social media channels, you could be losing out on business. Expand your audience and brand awareness by posting regularly.

We have some really talented creative writers who will manage your social media platforms for you, leaving you to concentrate on your business.


Prices start from
per month

Engaging Post

Image Provided

#Tags Researched


Increase website traffic, receive more enquiries and boost brand awareness with our exclusive business listings service. Our team will list your business information and website link on high-traffic directory websites such as Once created, we’ll send you the login details so you have complete control over your listing. The more directory sites you’re a member of, the higher your site will rank in Google. This is because it increases the authority of your business, an element Google prioritises when deciding who should get the top spot.


to list you on over 200
directory sites

Full login credentials

Improves your
rankings in Google


Grow your customers - Join the 2.7 million businesses listed on - the UK's leading online business directory. Be seen in local Google searches. 84% of Yell customers say helps their business to be found on Google. Whether you don’t have time, or unsure how to get your business on – Our team can do it for you.

Setup your business
listing on


one-off setup fee


For £199 we can set up a card payment facility on your website so that your customers can purchase your services directly and pay by Debit & Credit card on your website. Making it easy for your customers to spend their money with you.


setup up fee

Accept Credit & Debit
card payments

We will setup the Stripe / PayPal /
GoCardless Account for you, if you
don’t have one

Simple system which makes
it easy for customers to pay


We can set up a custom contact form so that you can collect specific information from your customers. Within this form we implement several different fields such as: telephone numbers, email addresses, drop down selections, and file uploads.

These contact forms increase the conversion rate of your site as you can generate leads without staff manning the phones.


per form

Select your own fields

conversion rate


You are probably already used to dealing with a ridiculous amount of spam emails. However, sorting through these can take up so much time. Having a website with contact forms are also a way spammers bombard you with emails. We can add some additional coding to your website, which utilise Google’s latest captcha, making it extremely difficult for spammers to spam your website’s contact forms.

Reduce Spam received from your
website contact forms


one-off fee

Uses Google’s
latest captcha


We will set up a dedicated testimonial system where you can input testimonials from your most loyal clients and customers.

Testimonials are one of the best ways to show new customers how trustworthy your business is, and to give them a feel for the level of service you provide. Teaming this service up with our online review system is more than enough to put your potential customers’ minds at ease.


for testimonial
set up

Establish trust with
new customers

Perfect when partnered
with a review system


Google Analytics provides you with a wide variety of information about the activity that takes place on your website. It measures the behaviour and dimensions of your visitors to give you an idea of who they might be and what they might be looking for.

For £45 we can set up Google Analytics for your site so you can see in real time whois visiting your site and why. The first rule of any business is to know your audience, this tool gives you that power.


set up fee

Find out who your
visitors are

Understand what
they need


Are you looking to send regular email newsletters to your customers? This website add-on will help you build your newsletter subscription list and be GDPR compliant. Due to GDPR legislation, you require consent from the email address you are sending to.

We can integrate your Newsletter provider into your website, so people can simply subscribe to your newsletter list directly from your website.

Email Newsletter Subsscription
Widget on your website


one-off fee

Works with all majors providers,
such as mailchimp, Constant,
Contact, Active Campaign.


Does your business accept reservations, appointments, or bookings? If so, this website add-on is perfect for you as it allows your customers to book appointments without the need for a phone call.

We set up a fully featured booking system on any page you want.


per system

Registered & guest

Optional paid booking -
(Requires Online Payment Add-On)

booking time slots


Would you like your website to be readable in other languages? If so, you can purchase our website translation add-on which will increase your customer base across different cultures and nationalities.

This is a great add-on if your company trades globally or has plans to do so in the future. At the very low price of £95 we can translate your site into multiple languages dependant on the countries your company operates in.


to set up

Multiple languages

Perfect for
globel Brands


When we build a website for you, we attach a badge to the page with a link to our website. This is so that we can advertise our services to people who have seen the website we designed for you, and would like to purchase something similar.

If you’d like this badge removed, we charge an one-off £175 because it will directly affect the sales we make through the websites we’ve built. This is standard practice in the web design world as all development companies add a link to their own website at the bottom of the sites they develop.


to remove

No external link
to our site

Gives you autonomy
over your design

TWDG Google
Secret Ranking

Do you want your business to be #1 on Google Search, without breaking any rules?


Price One-Off Payment
or £250 Per Month

What You Get:

5 Targeted Primary & 10 Secondary Keywords, Keyword Research Using Artificial Intelligence Software, 100 Point Advanced On-Site SEO Elements, Premium On-Site SEO Plugin, 200+ Local Dictionary Listings, 3x On-Site handwritten articles, 40x Off-Site handwritten SEO articles, 30x Premium WEB 2.0 Submission Off-Site SEO, 150x High Domain Authority Backlinks Off-Site SEO, Full Site Audit with Google Disavow, Google Indexing Service

Roller Banner
Printed &

We can design your roller banner, have them professionally printed and delivered direct to your door!

We have several quantity options available for you.

Professional branding
for your business

800mm x 2000mm

Printed on 220mic PVC (a strong
and flexible plastic material)


Designed, Printed
& Delivered


Prices Start

PULL UP ROLLER BANNER - 800mm x 2000mm

QTY Price


1 for


2 for


3 for

Key Rings
Designed, Printed &

We can design your key rings, have them professionally printed and delivered direct to your door!

We have several quantity options available for you.

Professional branding
for your business

55mm x 35mm

Printed on Teslin Core, which is
the hard-wearing plastic


Designed, Printed
& Delivered


Prices Start
From Under

Promotional Key Rings - 55mm x 35mm

QTY Price


500 for


1000 for


5000 for

Besiness Cards
Printed & Delivered

Professional business cards are must have for your business. Our Adobe Certified team can design your business cards to match your branding and colours, to give you the professional image your business deserves. We can design your business cards, have them professionally printed and delivered direct to your door!

We have several quantity options available for you:

Professional branding
for your business

high quality versions
of your business cards

Printed on 450 gsm
silk paper


Designed, Printed
& Delivered


Prices Start

Flyers Designed
Printed & Delivered

Promotional flyers are one of the best traditional marketing methods to get your businesses products and services out there. Our Adobe Certified team can get creative with your promotional flyers to give you the professional image your business deserves. We can design your flyers, have them printed professionally and have them delivered direct to your door!

Professional branding
for your business

high quality versions of
your Flyers

Printed on 250 gsm
silk paper

Designed, Printed
& Delivered


Prices Start


We can introduce you to a fully qualified accountant for your business. We compare a number of top UK accountants to find the right one for your preferred business model.

The services they provide includes; book keeping, payroll, filing company accounts, VAT returns, and pension schemes.


From VAT Per Month

Fully qualified
accountancy service

Bank Account

The award-winning Business Current Account from Cashplus has been specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses, Freelancers & Start-ups. With UK based customer service, as well as 24/7 mobile and online account access, the account is the ideal low hassle way to manage your business finances.

As no credit check is required to apply, the account can be applied for instantly online, with the Account Number and Sort Code being available at the end of the application.

Apply in under
5 mins

Printed on 250 gsm
silk paper


Did you know that 24% of potential customers avoid calling mobile numbers? But what if you want to use your mobile and still look professional right? With this business add-on you can use your mobile and keep your privacy. We can provide you with a local landline number for any area in the UK, when you receive a call on that number; we simply re-route it to you like. An easy way to advertise a local number and we can divert it to your mobile.


Per Month

Choice of any
UK number

Boost sales with a
"local" Presence

Divert to Mobile


Fax to

If your business still receives faxes, this is the perfect business add-on for you. We can provide you with a UK Fax number, and when someone sends you a fax, we will automatically convert it into a PDF and email it to your desired email address.


Per Month

Choice of any
Uk fax number

Optimization Lite

As standard all websites we build are optimised for speed and are responsive. However, your website speed can be improved even further with this website add-on.

We will optimise every image on your website and reduce the size of the image so your website loads faster. We will also add lite caching to your website. Website caching is a proven solution to help improve the performance of your website. Website caching is a technique that stores some of your website’s data in a location closer to the end user. This way, it can be displayed to them more quickly.


Website Caching


one-off fee

Optimization Premium

If you’re looking to make your website lightning fast, then this is the website add-on for you.

Our developers will dive into the advanced levels of website optimisation to ensure your website receives 10x faster improvement! This website add-on improves the SEO and user experience of your website by increasing website performance, reducing load times via features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices.


one-off fee with a
£20 Monthly fee

Image Optimization

Web Coaching

Load balancing

CDN Integration

Optised Progressive render

HTTP Compression

Leverage browser caching


We can remotely setup your business email on your laptop, PC or even Macbook.

Whether you are just not tech-savvy or would like us to set it up for you, we are here to help.

Email setup on laptop /
PC / Macbook


One-off Fee

Legal Documents
-GDPR Policy
Privacy & Cookie
Policy, Website
Terms & Conditions

Ensure your website is legally compliant. All websites need to have a GDPR Policy, Privacy & Cookie Policy and Website Terms & Conditions. These pages don’t just help protect you from a legal point of view, but in addition, it also ensures credibility and website visitor confidence in your business.

Our Legal team can provide you with industry generic policies to ensure you are compliant with UK Legislation.

Be Fully GDPR
Complaint For £195

Google My

We will set up a dedicated review system where customers can rate your level of service, find you easier and view your opening hours. This will be in the form of Google My Business.

With Google My Business your listing will appear on Google Search and Google Maps giving you a stronger presence online.


set up fee

Google My
Business Setup

Google Rich

Establish trust with
new customers